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„Change can be painful.
But nothing hurts more
than staying where
you don’t belong.“


My story for you.

Unterschrift Kerstin in grau


My story to support and inspire you!

To make a long story short: I`m Kerstin and I was a seeker for a long time, restless and unhappy until I found my purpose and now I`d like to support and inspire you how you can change your life too by simplifying your home so that you can feel freedom, joy and energy again. Let’s start together and you`ll get the time for the things you truly care about!


If you have more time

here`s the whole story


„The seeker“

The description of my life until I found my purpose? I was a seeker. A seeker for the right hobby, the right study, the right job etc. I`ve  tried so many things in my life, that it`s almost enough for two 🙂 But there were two constants. One was the interest in optimizing my environment and myself and the other was the fascination of everything mystical and spiritual.

But instead of making my interests to my profession, I listened to many voices from outside telling me that I need a good job to make a lot of money so that I can live a good and safe life.


And so I finally found myself in the advertising photography, after a few attempts at studies and internships. It was a job that I actually liked at that time and in which I was successful. It brought me joy taking beautiful pictures and see them in magazines or on billboards. But I felt more and more uncomfortable in the advertising world. With every job that came in, I realized that it wasn`t the right thing for me and I felt that something was missing in my life.

„My purpose“

Everything came together at some point. I became more and more unhappy every day, was restless and my body showed me the unhappiness with two herniated discs and the awful back pain that came with it. I was mean to my husband and everything was just sh***.

I knew that something had to change, because I didn’t want to live my life like that. So I started to research, because I wanted clarity. I came across minimalism and started to declutter, really radically. At first it was just clothes that were no longer good or didn’t fit. At some point I started to ask myself questions about my clothes. Do I even feel comfortable in it? Do they suit me and my style? From then on it started to get really interesting. That was the starting point of a journey to myself.

After the wardrobe, I decluttered every area in our house: the kitchen, the attic, the cellar, books, magazines, decoration, etc. And I noticed how many things we had because society told us to have it. I was fascinated and noticed how much I let myself be influenced from outside and how little I was „myself“.

With minimalism I learned what`s important to me and what I really enjoy. My awareness of consumption and zero waste was awakened and I paid more and more attention to what I let into my life. Apart from material things, I removed many care and cleaning products from the „I-use-list“ and learned how to make many products by myself and above all that, I really felt that less is simply more.


For me, however, minimalism wasn`t about the principle of having as little as possible, but about letting in and keeping only what I need and what gives me joy in my life.

I was fully in the decluttering- and optimizing-mode and wanted this not only for my environment, but also for myself and my body and so I started my first new training as a holistic nutritionist. It was incredibly exciting to learn how the body works and how I can optimize my nutrition so that I have more energy and become and stay physically healthy. There are many habits you can implement and which have a great effects on your body.

During the training I noticed that something was still missing in my life and I ask myself the question: „What gives me so much joy that I jump out of bed in the morning full of energy? The answer: DECLUTTERING AND OPTIMIZING! I loved these two things and had already developed methods for myself that simplified my life to get more freedom, joy and energy. But above these methods something still was missing. I also remembered a book by Karen Kingston that I had read years ago. The title was: „Feng Shui – against the clutter of everyday life“ and immediately it clicked. I researched the subject of Feng Shui and came across Danijela Saponjic, who offered a training as a Feng Shui consultant. After a short phone call with her I knew that this was another tool I wanted to learn to enrich my life and yours as well!

In one year of training, I learned that Feng Shui isn`t only more than „esoteric furniture moving“, but that it`s a wonderful optimizing tool to make your rooms you are currently living in, YOUR home. Not only does it make the energy flow again, but it also harmonizes your living spaces with you, so that they support you and you can recharge your batteries for all the demands of your life.



„From my purpose to my soul business“

In 2019 I finished my training and started to build up my new soul business. To start successfully, I needed a plan and a clear head.

I wanted to make everything „perfect“ and did research, read countless books and watched webinars and tutorials. I planned and planned and at some point my head was fuller than ever before. Building a business properly can be really overwhelming. Add to that the fear and the beliefs you carry around with you.

I realized that I needed support in building up my business. This is where Ms. Pötz, my personnel and business coach, came in. I cannot describe how much she helped me. Ms. Pötz simply asked the right questions and I realized that the answers and everything I needed were already inside me, but I couldn’t see it because of all my thoughts and plans. I also had a big breakthrough with my belief system. She helped me to replace my old ones, which stood in the way of my business, with a new one, which I still hold on to today. Ms. Pötz was and is the perfect companion for me. 


I also had support with my design, although I would`ve been technically able to do it myself. Miriam Springer from Überspringer worked out my logo and colour scheme with such dedication and feeling. She made my foundation complete and I am very grateful for that.

With this solid foundation I can now begin my work as a Declutter- & Optimizing-Coach. A work in which I want to support you in simplifying your home and your life so that you can become yourself again and live and create your self-determined life full of energy, joy and freedom.

„There comes a time when you step out of all the drama

and separate yourself from all the things that cause chaos in your life.

This is the beginning of your new future.“

Steve Santana